The Devil's Kiss - Gemma James

The Devil's Kiss

By Gemma James

  • Release Date: 2014-06-10
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
Score: 4
From 527 Ratings


“Don’t think of it as blackmail. Think of it as an alternative to prison. I’d much rather punish you myself.”

Kayla Sutton faces a question no mother wants to face: what would you do to save your daughter? Broke and desperate, she siphons thousands from her employer to pay for her daughter’s treatment, but when Gage Channing discovers her theft, she is shocked to learn that her boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead he issues an ultimatum—give him her sexual submission, or go to jail.

Backed into a corner by a man with no shame, Kayla must find the strength to travel down the path of pain and pleasure. But when her past catches up to her, prompting a free fall into forbidden territory with a man she once loved, Kayla realizes nothing is black and white when everyone around her has secrets.

NOTE TO READERS: THE DEVIL'S KISS is a dark romance with a BDSM edge that does NOT conform to safe, sane, and consensual practices. Includes explicit content and subject matter that may offend some readers. Intended for mature audiences. Book 1 of the Devil's Kiss Series.


  • Dark

    By Campnoname
    Loved the characters. The plot line is very dark and twisted. You have to keep turning the page to find out what is going to happen next.
  • Rape

    By AK USA
    This book is literally rape after rape and the main male lead is constantly trying to convince the female lead that he doesn’t want to hurt her. It is a complete book of Stockholm syndrome based off rape and holding her sick child’s life over her head. I only read the entire thing to see if it ended differently. But honestly it’s disgusting and twisted. And a HORRIBLE attempt at showing BDSM type intercourse. This is how people afraid of BDSM think it is and it’s just sad.
  • Mind blowing

    By lalatrice
    This book was mind blowing watching her succumb to her darkest pleasures while all the while trying to fight the true nature that Gage brought out of her was spell binding. When she went back to him willing on her own terms signified the hold he had on her. She didn’t want to fall for him but he carved a place in her heart that could only be filled by his sadistic desires had me turning page after page. This is dark to the point where at times i could scream but definitely enjoyed the read.
  • The Devil’s Kiss

    By Xniela
    This book was very twisted, I didn’t think it could get darker but it did. The author described every detail as if I became the character of Kayla Buttons. This book kept me on my toes and I couldn’t sleep without finishing the chapter. Every time Kayla cried, pleading, I couldn’t help but cry myself. This book scarred me and opened my mind about men’s intentions, both in a good and bad way. I read for four days straight being addicted to this book, and I hated being left with a cliff hanger. Because now I gotta read the rest of the series.
  • Abuse not BDSM

    By TGC91810
    This is a tough review to write because, in general, I hate when people read a book that is exactly as it is described and then complain that it is what it is. The author does warn that nothing in this book is safe, sane, and consensual. And that is very, very true. I have read many dark romances and this is dark. But there is no romance. IMO, this book is an abusive relationship using BDSM as a disguise. I have read all the books in this series because I didn’t want to form an opinion until I read it. This book is being in the head of a woman with battered wife syndrome.
  • So captivating!

    By JeweliaJean
    I can't stop thinking about these books! Really great author and storyline with so many crazy twists and unexpected turns, I would definitely recommend! But make sure you got a lot of free time because you won't be able to think about anything else until you finish the series ❤️
  • Good read

    By HypedonSugar88
    Was a good read! The flow was good! Was glad I could read it for free to see if I like the author's style and I do. Will definitely be buying her other books!! :)
  • #teamIan or #teamgage

    By SueleeLee90
    So good!!!!!! Two brothers one girl? Gosh!!!!!! So hard to chose
  • Great

    By ManiG13
    Best book. The suspense keeps you on edege and makes you want more. The science make you tingle. You won't want to stop reading.
  • Heavy!

    By Sheri24
    I loved 50 Shades with a mildly messed up lover but this was brutal!!! Way overboard with the severity of brutality. Not just a little kink....this book described things only a sociopath would do to another human. This book just wasn't for me.