The Good Daughter - S.A. McEwen

The Good Daughter

By S.A. McEwen

  • Release Date: 2021-03-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 3.5
From 226 Ratings


A violent murder.

A family secret.

And a boyfriend who's not who he says he is...

Sydney, Australia. Lawyer and companion Natalie Coommaraswamy struggles to be the good daughter her parents demand. A second-generation Sri Lankan, she's never penetrated her family's resolute silence surrounding their flight from Sri Lanka, and has been left with unanswered questions about where she belongs and who she can trust.

Then her best friend is found murdered. Fuelled by disinterest from the police, Natalie begins her own hunt for the murderer. But when clues point to her new lover, her carefully regulated world starts to unravel. And the truth will threaten more than her sanity…

A dark, smart and twisty thriller for fans of Gillian Flynn and Jane Harper.

NB a more explicit version of this book was previously published under a pen name with ISBN 9780648201342. It has also been published with the title 'Ruined'..

Advance praise:

"Liane Moriarty, but grittier." - Catherine Deveny, Writer, Comedian, Author and Speaker

"This is a story that will stay with me for a long time." ★★★★

"I am in awe of this writer and this story. It was so gritty and emotional and so compelling. I couldn't put it down. The emotions that ran thru and the intrigue kept you guessing…I don't say this often, this is a story not to be missed." ★★★★★

"This complex story took me by surprise. It is like nothing I have ever read. The characters are well written and developed. They are realistic and captivating. All of them had secrets...this is a book not to be overlooked. It is a must read." ★★★★★

"This story is brilliantly written and really grips you, keeping you guessing until the very end. I can usually tell how it will end or whodunnit but this time no matter how convinced I was about who it was, I was wrong and I love that!" ★★★★★

"It's thrilling, a little scary, and intriguing...Hint: Your first, second, and third guesses are all wrong."★★★★★

"Wow! Talk about a book that will stay with you. It dealt with a lot of things that people don't talk about…in a way that kept you hooked. Really good book." ★★★★★


  • Redundant and repetitive

    By Issy's MomMom
    Pretty much sums it up. Couldn’t get past the first few chapters.
  • Terrible

    By Shanakyle
    Couldn’t even finish it. It harped so much on race, it overshadowed the rest. Get over yourself.
  • The Good Daughter

    By kathywamsley
    Very good book would recommend it to other readers. Thanks k
  • Review on ‘Ruined’

    By carolineb.reviewer
    Natalie has some inner issues with herself that stem from her lack of a relationship with her parents, an understanding of where her family is from and their background. Her family never spoke of their struggles and challenges of immigrating from Sri Lanka to Australia during their civil war. This has caused Natalie to keep people at arms-length and to have issues with creating close relationships. When she finds a man that she feels close to, she starts to struggle even more with herself and everything she thought she wanted is now put into question. Then, her best friend is murdered, one in a few similar murders. Now she is unsure about her new boyfriend, the way they met and why they met, and starts to suspect him. This was a nice quick book. I was definitely interested and the writing was intriguing. There were two perspectives, one from Natalie and one of the killer, except we don't know who the killer is. I thought that was pretty ingenious as it makes you think you know who the killer is except that you don't. The ending was also very satisfying, I wasn’t quite sure I was expecting how it would end. I felt that there were a lot of topics and social issues in this book, and it was a little overwhelming in the first 30 pages of the book. In those first few pages, we learn that Natalie is a sex worker, is getting an abortion, racism is a problem for her and her family, her brother has a mental illness, and the murder hadn't even happened! By the end of the book I do feel like all those issues were connected in one way or the other, except the abortion. I am not sure why that was in the book, other than the fact it was the first indication that maybe Natalie didn’t really know herself afterall. I also liked the author note that states the author's research on many of the social issues discussed in the book. I appreciate that the author took the time to really understand some of the cultural social issues included in the book before writing about them. I do feel like a few other plot points were not explained or were unfinished. For example, Natalie's client that painted her. I'm not sure what his role was in the storyline. I feel like there was a lot going on that some things didn’t get as well developed as it should/could have been. Overall, an enjoyable quick read