Tom Clancy Target Acquired - Don Bentley

Tom Clancy Target Acquired

By Don Bentley

  • Release Date: 2021-06-08
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4
From 888 Ratings


Jack Ryan, Jr., will do anything for a friend, but this favor will be paid for in blood in the latest electric entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Jack Ryan, Jr. would do anything for Ding Chavez. That's why Jack is currently sitting in an open-air market in Israel, helping a CIA team with a simple job. The man running the mission, Peter Beltz, is an old friend from Ding's Army days. Ding hadn't seen his friend since Peter's transfer to the CIA eighteen months prior, and intended to use the assignment to reconnect. Unfortunately, Ding had to cancel at the last minute and asked Jack to take his place. It's a cushy assignment--a trip to Israel in exchange for a couple hours of easy work, but Jack could use the downtime after his last operation.

Jack is here merely as an observer, but when he hastens to help a woman and her young son, he finds himself the target of trained killers. Alone and outgunned, Jack will have to use all his skills to protect the life of the child.


  • Good not great

    By Glenview reader
    Good not great
  • Target Acquired

    By PattyCake68
  • Tom Clancy’s Target Acquired

    By Ghostrover78
    A roller coast of a ride reading Don Bentley’s Target Acquired. Action throughout. Good storyline from the ground to the air. Locked and loaded.
  • Terribly written.

    By musicccc=life
    Worst Re skinned Clancy book ever
  • Jack Ryan jr.

    By nancl
    A good read, very entertaining
  • Tom Clancy Target Aquired

    By JPB 9871
    Really, really good! An excellent thriller, adventure novel. I very much enjoyed it.
  • Missing something…..

    By GDubs321
    As captivating as jack ryan jr’s character is their was a disconnect. Unlike prior reads, there was no time spent with reviewing the perspectives of the story as seen by jack ryan sr. nor his comrades at the Campus. The story really lacked the perspective of including his father’s, the President as well as the DNA and his comrade Ding and his boss. Really missed the boat and I have read every Jack Ryan senior and junior book
  • Target Acquired

    By heartbeat6
    Very disappointing. Bentley went way over the top with the Jack Ryan character making him look like super man. Even with being nailed to a cross, stabbed, shot, broken shoulder, still he managed to complete his unauthorized mission without flying like Super Man. However, there were some very good chapters as well that were page turners, most were just BLA! Very disappointing.
  • Another Whiff

    By Bejjim
    Why waste a whole book on another Jack Ryan screwed up adventure. He’s a small character in the Campus organization and goes rogue again! Too many coincidences and a simple plot line. At least take us in the world of the bad guys. These books have lowered down to a simple beach read.
  • Best of the Jack Jr Ghost Writers

    By Chugachxbn