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dr-jekyll-and-mr-hyde-rare-book imhotep-first-edition-rare-books willy-pogany-parsifal-rare-books spinifex-and-sand-first-edition the-Man-Within-First-Edition-Rare-Book

Robert Louis Stevenson
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
Fine Binding 1920

The Egyptian God of Medicine
First Edition 1926
Richard Wagner/Pogany
Parsifal The Legend of the Holy Grail 1st Edition 1912
David Carnegie
Spinifex and Sand
1st Edition 1898
Graham Greene
The Man Within
First Edition 1929
maggs-bros-catalogue-491 thomas-keneally-first-edition-schindlers-ark the-day-of-the-jackal-rare-first-edition dr-who-first-edition-rare-books Rhys-Davies
Maggs Bros
Australia & The South Seas
Catalogue 491
Thomas Keneally
Schindler's Ark
1st Edition 1982

Frederick Forsyth
The Day of the Jackal
1st Edition 1971

Dr Who
The Dr Who Annual
1st Edition 1965
Rhys Davies
The Stars The World & The Women. Limited Edition 1930

scarecrow-and-the-tin-man-1st-edition osiris-egyptian-first-edition lawrence-durrell-first-edition Yeats-first-edition-rare-books
William Denslow
Scarecrow and the Tin Man
1st Edition 1904
Wallis Budge
Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection 1st Edition 1911
Lawrence Durrell
Sauve Qui Peut
1st Edition 1966
W. B. Yeats
Last Poems and Plays
1st Edition 1940

poor-cecco-arthur-rackham-1st-edition Alice-in-Wonderland-Rare-Book spanish-illumination-first-edition the-rime-of-the-ancient-mariner-first-edition
Margery Williams Bianco
Poor Cecco
Arthur Rackham 1st
Lewis Carroll
Alice in Wonderland
Mabel Lucie Attwell
J. Dominguez Bordona
Spanish Illumination
1st Edition 1930
Rime of the Ancient Mariner 1st 1910
a-beckett-comic-history-rome the-monkey-and-the-tiger-first-edition judge-dee-at-work-1st-edition janwillem-van-de-wetering-first-edition robert-van-gulik-chinese-bell-murders-first-edition
Gilbert A'Beckett
The Comic History of Rome
Hand-Coloured Plates 1860
Robert van Gulik
The Monkey and the Tiger 1st Edition 1965
Robert van Gulik
Judge Dee at Work 1st Edition 1967
Janwillem van de Wetering
Robert van Gulik 1st

Robert van Gulik
The Chinese Bell Murders
1st Edition 1958
rene-bull-russian-ballet VENUS-RISING-RARE-BOOK once-upon-a-time-a-a-milne-first-edition when-we-were-very-young-rare-book playback-1st-edition
The Russian Ballet
Illus. Rene Bull
First Edition 1913

Venus Rising
Limited Edition 1931
A. A. Milne
Once Upon A Time
Illus. Charles Robinson 1929
A. A. Milne
When We Were Very Young
1926 Rare Book
Raymond Chandler
1st Edition 1958
Brazilian-Adventure-First-Edition fire-burn-rare-1st-edition alfred-russel-wallace-rare-books return-of-kai-lung-rare-books the-merchant-of-venice-rare-book
Peter Fleming
Brazilian Adventure
First Edition 1934

John Dickson Carr
Fire Burn
1st Edition 1957
Alfred Russel Wallace
The Wonderful Century
1st Edition 1898
Ernest Bramah
Return of Kai Lung
1st Edition 1937
William Shakespeare
The Merchant of Venice
Miniature Book
zane-grey-1st-edition-rare-book iris-murdoch-1st-edition-a-word-child WILLIAM-GOLDING-RARE-BOOKS midnight-cowboy-first-edition-book last-earls-of-barrymore-first-edition
Zane Grey
The Reef Girl
First Edition 1977
Iris Murdoch
A Word Child
First Edition 1975
William Golding Bibliography 1994
1st Edition
James Herlihy
Midnight Cowboy
1st Edition 1965
John Robert Robinson
The Last Earls of Barrymore 1st 1894

pocock-zoological-gardens-first-edition biggles-first-editions biggles-works-it-out capt-johns-gimlet-rare-books biggles-poor-rich-boy-first-edition
Constance Pocock
Zoological Gardens
1st Edition 1913

Capt. W. E. Johns
Biggles Gets His Men
1st Edition 1950
Capt. E. E. Johns
Biggles Works it Out
First Edition 1951

Capt. E. E. Johns
Gimlet Off the Map
First Edition 1951

Capt. E. E. Johns
Biggles and The Poor Rich Boy First Edition 1961

pinocchio-first-edition-rare-books essays-moral-&-polite-rare-books tim-mcCoy-on-the-tomahawk-trail-rare-books Tom-Mix-Cowboy-Books Flash-gordon-rare-books
Carlo Collodi
Illus. Charles Folkard 1913
J. & C. Masefield
Essays Moral & Polite
1st Edition 1906
Gaylord Dubois
Tim McCoy on the Tomahawk Trail
1st Edition 1937
Pete Daryll
Tom Mix
First Edition 1936
Alex Raymond
Flash Gordon
First Edition 1943

the-compleat-angler-nonesuch-press-rare-book north-coast-poems-first-edition rr the-rachel-papers-first-edition senor-saint-1st-edition
The Compleat Angler
Limited Edition 1929
Nonesuch Press
Robert Buchanan
North Coast and other Poems 1st Edition 1868
Martin Amis
First Edition 1978

Martin Amis
The Rachel Papers
1st Edition 1973

Leslie Charteris
Senor Saint
1st Edition 1959

rex-stout-the-silent-speaker-first-edition-rare-books five-of-kind-rex-stout marcus-aurelius-rare-books the-quiet-american-first-edition english-costume-rare-books
Rex Stout
The Silent Speaker
1st Edition 1946
Rex Stout
Five of A Kind
Rare Book 1961

Marcus Aurelius
The Thoughts of.
Fine Binding c1920

Graham Greene
The Quiet American
1st Edition 1955

Dion Clayton Calthrop
English Costume

uncle-remus-first-edition-rare-books virginia-woolf-rare-book-first-edition ee the-shia-world-first-edition-rare-books unconditional-surrender-first-edition
Joel Chandler Harris
Uncle Remus
1st Edition 1905
Edward Albee
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 1st Edition 1964

Jonathan Wantrup
Australian Rare Books
1st Edition 1987

The Glory of the Shia World
1st Edition 1910

Evelyn Waugh
Unconditional Surrender
First Edition 1961

tt shadow-dance-first-edition-rare-books ee ee sax-rohmer-first-edition-rare-books
Michael Sadleir
XIX Century Fiction
1st/Limited Edition 1951
Angela Carter
Shadow Dance
1st Edition 1966

Henri Cordier
Bibliotheca Indosinica

Mrs Ashton Cross
Pekingese Dog
1st Edition 1932

Sax Rohmer
Virgin in Flames
1st Edition 1953

clair-de-lune-west-rare-books vladimir-nabakov-first-edition kingdom-of-Laos-first-edition-rare-book agatha-christie-first-edition-rare-books by-the-pricking-of-my-thumbs-first-edition
Michael West
Clair de Lune Troubadour Romances 1st Edition 1912
Vladimir Nabakov
A Russian Beauty
1st Edition 1973

Kingdom of Laos
Rene de Berval
First Edition 1959

Agatha Christie
Passenger to Frankfurt
1st Edition 1970

Agatha Christie
By the Pricking of My Thumbs
First Edition 1968

Flashman-at-the-charge-first-edition kingdom-of-ava-rare-books mary-swift-elements-of-natural-philosophy-first-edition american-ginseng
George McDonald Fraser
Flashman at the Charge
First Edition 1973
Michael Symes
The Kingdom of Ava
Hand Coloured Plates 1832

Miss Mary Swift
Elements of Natural Philosophy First Edition 1847

Carlos Paseador

the-return-of-the-native-rare-book rare-books-thomas-hardy thomas-hardy-a-changed-man-first-edition palomino-first-edition dylan-thomas-first-edition-rare-book
Thomas Hardy
The Return of the Native
Limited Edition 1929
Thomas Hardy
Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Limited Edition 1926

Thomas Hardy
A Changed Man
1st Edition 1913

Elizabeth Jolley
Palomino First Edition 1980

Dylan Thomas
A Prospect of The Sea
First Edition 1955

the-first-editions-of-charles-dickens-rare-books Java-First-Edition-Rare-Book the-heat-of-the-sun-first-edition torquato-tasso-first-edition nile-river-egypt-rare-books
John Eckel
Charles Dickens Bibliography 1st Edition
Java Indian Archipelago
Sarah Tuttle
First Edition 1833

The Heat of The Sun
Sean O'Faolain
First Edition 1966

Torquato Tasso
La Gerusalemme Liberata
Fine Binding 1824
Amelia Edwards
A Thousand Miles Up the Nile

dante-first-edition-rare-books michael-angelo-woolf-rare-books the-rover-rare-book penknife-to-my-heart-first-edition-rare-book
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Dante and His Circle
Michael Angelo Woolf
Sketches of Lowley Life
1st Edition 1899

Joseph Conrad
The Rover
First Edition 1923

Nicholas Blake
A Penknife to My Heart
First Edition 1958

kalahari-desert-rare-books Llama-land-first-edition-rare-book marie-antoinette-rare-books First-Edition-Savoy mexico-first-edition-rare-book
Arnold Hodson
Kalahari Desert

Anthony Dell
Llama Land
First Edition 1927
Marie Antoinette
First Edition De Luxe & Limited Edition 1904
Percy Fitzgerald
The Savoy Opera
First Edition 1894
Henri Lebrun
Fernand Cortez au Mexique
Fine Binding 1859

nepal-first-edition a-baker's-Dozen-1st-edition Earth-Memories-first-edition the-glory-of-life-rare-book the-boys-from-brazil-first-edition
Nepal The Last Home of Mystery
First Edition 1920
Llewelyn Powys
A Baker's Dozen
First Edition 1941
Llewelyn Powys
Earth Memories
First Edition 1934
Llewelyn Powys
The Glory of Life
First Edition 1938
Ira Levin
The Boys From Brazil
First Edition 1976

the-big-money-first-edition pirates-rare-book nolan-italy-first-edition nesbitt-algeria-and-tunis-first-edition dulac-bibliography
John Dos Passos
The Big Money First Edition 1936
Lovat Fraser
Pirates Rare Book
E. H. Nolan
The Liberators of Italy
First Edition 1865
Francis Nesbitt
Algeria & Tunis Painted
1st Edition 1906
Colin White
Edmund Dulac Bibliography 1976

mainly-on-the-air-first-edition confessions-of-Felix-Krull-First-Edition-Rare-Book A-Tourist-in-Africa-First-Edition marquis-de-sade-first-edition zuleika-dobson-first-edition
Max Beerbohm
Mainly on the Air
First Edition 1946
Thomas Mann
Confessions of Felix Krull
First Edition 1955
Evelyn Waugh
A Tourist in Africa
First Edition 1960
Marquis de Sade
Sixty Erotic Engravings from Juliette First Edition 1969
Max Beerbohm
Zuleika Dobson
First Edition 1911

the-vagrant-mood-first-edition Theatre-A-Novel-First-Edition Ashenden-or-the-british-agent-first-edition The-Narrow-Corner-First-Edition Francis-Meynell-Poems-Nonesuch-Press-Rare-Book
Somerset Maugham
The Vagrant Mood
First Edition 1952
Somerset Maugham
Theatre A Novel
First Edition 1937
Somerset Maugham
Ashenden or The British Agent First Edition 1928
Somerset Maugham
The Narrow Corner
First Edition 1932
Francis Meynell
Poems & Pieces
Limited Edition 1961

Schlesinger-instruments-of-the-modern-orchestra-first-edition arthur-rackham-bibliography vita-sackville-west-Poems-first-edition A-Child's-Garden-of-Verses-Stevenson-Rare-Book fishing-old-rare-books
Kathleen Schlesinger
Instruments of the Modern Orchestra 1st Edition 1910
Latimore & Haskell
Arthur Rackham Bibliography 1987
Vita Sackville-West
Collected Poems
First Edition 1933
Robert Louis Stevenson
A Child's Garden of Verses
First Edition 1919
Dame Juliana Berners
Fysshynge Wyth an Angle

octopussy-first-edition-rare-books THOMAS-HARDY-BIBLIOGRAPHT-RARE-BOOK chess-rare-books the-gods-are-athirst-rare-first-edition a-circle-of-the-seasons-rare-book
Ian Fleming
1st Edition 1966

Henry Danielson
First Editions of Thomas Hardy 1916
Mr Blackburne's Games of Chess
First Edition 1899

Anatole France
The Gods are Athirst
1st Illus. Edition 1927

E. Powys Mathers
A Circle of the Seasons
Rare Book 1929

INFINITE-JEST-RARE-BOOK yellow-fever-1st-edition jean-larteguy-1st-edition-the-bronze-drums guerrillas-first-edition jean-larteguy-1st-edition-the-praetorians
David Foster Wallace
Infinite Jest
First Edition

Jean Larteguy
Yellow Fever
First Edition 1965
Jean Larteguy
The Bronze Drums
First Edition 1967

Jean Larteguy
The Guerrillas
First Edition 1970

Jean Larteguy
The Praetorians
First Edition 1963

  graham-greene-first-edition-loser-take-all graham-greene-may-we-borrow-your-husband-first-edition  

Graham Greene
Loser Takes all
First Edition 1955
Graham Greene
May We Borrow Your Husband 1st 1967

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